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What is SoFun?
SoFun Discount Card is your chance to have unforgettable adventures and cheerful moments! With only a single card you are receiving discounts for countless services. Enjoy your time and pay less!

For whom is SoFun intended?
SoFun Discount Card is an innovative product targeting tourists as well as bulgarians and foreigners living in the city.

Who are our partners?
We exclusively work with prestigious brands in Sofia. Our selection is very precise - our partners are leading names in their respective sectors and have proven themselves with the quality of their services.

What can SoFun give you?
The SoFun card owner can have a discount at restaurants and bars, sport complexes, shops, entertainment zones, escape rooms, massage studios, SPA centers, etc. Also there is a possibility for a discount for some excursions, extreme experiences, outdoor adventures and more.

What else are you receiving with SoFun?
In addition, the owner of SoFun card obtains 24/7 online assistance from our team via chat or directly on the phone. We can help in Bulgarian, English, Spanish and Russian. Our platform is highly functional and user friendly. Also there is a review system to assure ours and our partners’ credibility.

How to use SoFun?
SoFun Discount Card is a small card, that can be easily transformed into a keychain for better storage. On the card you will find a written promo code that guarantees you discounts for services like excursions, outdoor activities, extreme sports, entertainments, etc. The card itself provides discounts for restaurants, bars, shops, SPA centers, massage studios and other places. All of our partners and services can be found on our website: Always show the card before you ask for the check or use the service you have chosen.

Why SoFun?
The answer is clear - because you save money! Our discounts vary from 5% to 50% depending on the service. With SoFun you can also save time - planning your stay in Sofia and the activities you want to experience has never been easier.

How to obtain your SoFun Discount Card?
• You can take it from your host (if you are a guest at a hotel/hostel/apartment).
• Buy it from the respective locations in the center of Sofia.
• Buy it online.
• You can receive one from your employer.

About us
SoFun Ltd is registered at this address: Sofia, West park 52, entrance A floor 1, apartment 1

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