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Discount card
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Bulgaria Discount Card!

One card - unlimited discounts! Pay less, have fun! Only for 10 BGN 20 BGN .

How you benefit?

Real discounts on selected facilities and services plus free surprises
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SoFun Discount Card is not personal and is company-wide

SoFun Discount Card is not limited for a period or number of uses

What you need to know?

You can get the card from a courier(for the territory of Bulgaria) or from convenient locations in the center of Sofia
Convenient locations in the center of Sofia

On the card you will find a promo code, which you will use for the services that require preliminary booking

Don't forget to always show your card before any activity or service.

Step 1: Information

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Step 2: Delivery Method

You can get your card againts providing your voucher at the following locations in Sofia:
1. “Balkansko” Store, Knyaz Aleksander I Sq.
2. “Balkansko” Store, 4 Vitosha Blvd. Sofia
You need to provide your voucher - digital or hard copy.

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