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Tenebris - Dark Restaurant

Imagine completely eliminating the visual input and relying solely on your other senses. The human behaviour and interactions completely change.


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How to book
• Fill in the booking form.
• Book until 14:00 p.m. of the prefered day.
• Please, make sure that you have selected the date you prefer.
• Apply the promo code, in order to get a discount.
• You can book without a promo code. In that case, you will pay the whole price for the service.
• Please fill in all important details in the Notes text field - specify preferred time and type of menu, as well as preferred methods for further communication (phone, email, Skype, WhatsApp).
• The price is for 1 person.
• Payment is not necessary at this point.
• We will contact you as soon as possible, in order to confirm the reservation.
• After you have been serviced, you will have the opportunity to leave a review. We thank you in advance :)
• Address: Sofia, "Han Asparuh" 65 (on the map below)
• Working hours: 18:00 - 22:00. Monday and Tuesday – Day Off.


* Please inform us if you have any food allergies or intolerance in your reservation form, in order to adapt your menu.
** If this is not your first visit at Tenebris, please inform us in order to guarantee you new culinary surprises.


• The price of this unique experience, including a 5-course fusion menu and exquisite selection of beverages, is 77 BGN / 39.40 Euro per person (20% VAT included). 
• With SoFun Discount Card the price is 69.30 BGN / 35.46 Euro per person (20% VAT included).


More details and description


Spending two hours with your friends laughing, having the time of your life and enjoying the unique experience. Now add a 5-course, state-of-the-art menu combined with exquisite drink selection, that will take you on a revolutionary sensory journey. A once-in-a-lifetime adventure discovering tastes, people and yourself in a way you have never imagined.


The Beginning


“Dine in the dark” concept was developed in the 90’s by Michel Reilhac, who later opened a theme restaurant in Paris. Multiple restaurants worldwide have followed and marginalized the idea since. For the first time on the Balkans, the concept is fully developed by Tenebris. Our idea is to immerse you in a world, where vision is not present and let the other senses take over.


The main source of perception is sight, but as we know – eyes can mislead. About 83% of the information regarding our surroundings comes thought this main sensatory channel. This greatly determines how we interact with the outside world, our preconceptions and even the way we think. Tenebris presents a world, where our other senses take predominance. Taste, aroma and texture are dimensions, that will redefine your understanding of food and you will experience an unforgettable culinary journey.


Another essential part of the “dine in the dark”experience is the human interaction. When in pitch black darkness, conversations tend to be much deeper, devoid of prejudice, vanity and smart phones. You will have the chance to get to know yourself and your company in a profound way.


Come dine with us at Tenebris and allow yourself to truly see, because sometimes we need darkness to see the light. Welcome to our dark-bright world!




Tenebris is a social experiment, in which people with impaired vision will introduce you to their intriguing world. And it is one full of sense, touch, emotion, sound and flavor, often richer than the visual world.


You will experience a dinner in the world of blind people and that is precisely why they are your hosts. We believe the key to understanding people with sight problems is not within statistics, endless data and faceless stories, but in the personal experience and face-to-face contact. Although briefly, you will have the opportunity to put yourself in their shoes and “see” a different perspective.


Our goal is to create job opportunities for people with impaired vision, without the feeling of pittance. We truly believe that they are not less valuable than anybody else, having their strengths and weaknesses. By the unusual work environment at Tenebris, vision becomes needless, maybe even a flaw. Tenebris is not a place for donation, but a workplace where the visually impaired are stronger and more capable than the rest.


What To Expect?


Our hostess will welcome and brief you about your upcoming experience. After leaving your coats, bags, phones and other incompatible with the experience items in a secured place, you will meet your host. He or she will introduce you to the pitch black dining room.


In order to keep the room without any light, which is essential for our concept, all phones, watches, lighters, electronic cigarettes and all other objects that may emit light must be left outside. It is absolutely pitch-black darkness inside, just as if you close your eyes in a dark room.


Your host will lead you to your table and your culinary journey will begin. You will experience a 5-course menu, especially designed by our chef for your dark dining experience. Whether you choose to use cutlery or your hands is up to you, so please dress appropriately. If you want to order another drink, or go to the restroom, you can call your host by name at any time.


The dinner usually lasts between 1.5 and 3 hours, after which you will be guided back to the light, where you can see the dishes you were served and how much of them you have guessed.


Bring a pinch of courage, some adventurous spirit and an empty stomach, and let us present you a different perspective to food and people!


Mouth-Watering Menu


We constantly develop new lines of set-menus, so that seasonal products are used and no semi-processed goods. That is the main reason why we operate with reservations only, in order to minimize food waste and keep your meal fresh.


Specially selected fine wine, craft beer, and homemade lemonades will accompany you on this culinary adventure. You can choose from several 5-course menus, designed to intensify the experience by playing with your senses:


• Main Menu Meat: A palette of meat-based dishes.
• Main Menu Fish: For the lovers of seafood, fish, and shellfish.
• Main Menu Vegetarian: Completely vegetarian dishes, full of surprising combinations.
• Main Menu Bulgarian (meat based): A presentation of traditional Bulgarian cuisine, perfect for guests from other countries.



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