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Watch the Sunrise above Sofia

Join for our favorite local experience, chasing the first sun rays from the top of Vitosha mountain.


Continue your day with a huge smile and full of energy!


We will hike to a secret spot and see the beautiful colors of the morning sky. You will learn about the cultural significance of the sun in Bulgarian traditions as well as its energetic qualities in Eastern traditions as you awe is silence at the calmness of the mountain and make a wish at the tree of wishes!


Dates available: February 1-15; March 3-27; April 5 - December 31.


Itinerary (times depend on the exact time of sunrise)
• 5:00 am - Pick up from your airbnb or accommodation
• 6:00 am - Arrive at Aleko hut, Vitosha mountain
• 6:00-6:30 am - Hike to the sunrise spot
• 7:10 am - Drive Back to Sofia
• 8:30 am - Drop off at your airbnb or accommodation


Price Includes
• Transportation: pick up and drop off at your place.
• Local guide who will lead you to the secret place.
• Hot tea.
• Unbelievable Instagram shots.


What to bring along
• Extra layers.
• Jacket, hat, gloves and scarf.
• Comfortable boots.


How to book
• Fill in the booking form.
• Book at least 2 days in advance (until 18:00 p.m.)
• Please, make sure that you have selected the date you prefer.
• Apply the promo code, in order to get a discount.
• You can book without a promo code. In that case, you will pay the whole price for the service.
• Please fill in all important details in the Notes text field, as well as preferred methods for further communication (phone, email, Skype, WhatsApp).
• Payment is not necessary at this point.
• We will contact you as soon as possible, in order to confirm the reservation and discuss the payment method.
• After you have been serviced, you will have the opportunity to leave a review. We thank you in advance :)


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