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Discount card
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SoFun Card for employees

  • SoFun Card offers an attractive social benefits program through which company employees have fun and save money.
  • The card is used by employees on an annual subscription basis. The price depends on various factors that we will discuss with your employer.
  • The only condition is for you to receive the card from your employer. It will provide you with countless leisure activities.
  • If your company is interested, please contact us on 0886 631 723 or via email
  • On the map you will find a promo code that will allow you to use discounted services such as excursions, city tours, extreme sports, entertainment, outdoor activities.
  • The card itself guarantees you discounts at restaurants, bars, shops, spas, massage studios and other establishments.
  • Always provide your card before requesting the receipt or using the service.
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